Why opt for a home-based Speech Therapy service?

  • If you face transport difficulties
  • Challenges can be addressed in your own environment
  • Convenience of a home-based service
  • Exercises can be based on your home resources
  • Allows a more natural development of skills in the environment where it matters most, your personal space

Speech Therapy at Home was established in 2019 to meet the growing needs of clients in the community for an affordable, accessible, quality rehabilitation service for a wide variety of clients in all life stages  

About the Practice

We are a private practice focused on home-based therapy in the areas of speech, language, voice and swallowing intervention.  We assist with the assessment and management of infants, preschool to school-aged children as well as adults and the geriatric population dealing with communication or swallowing challenges.

Speech Therapy @ Home services are offered by Alicia Bock Speech Therapy, Pr.No: 082 000 397 180

To be a world class provider of accessible, quality speech therapy services for all across their lifespan
Optimise functional communication, voice use and swallowing through evidence-based speech therapy practice to allow clients optimal life participation and engagement
Passion for People, Fun Quality Service, Encourage and Enhance Togetherness

The Team

Alicia Bock, Practice Owner

Alicia Bock, owner of Speech Therapy at Home, is a registered speech therapist, with a heart for helping clients experience inclusivity and live with dignity regardless of their diagnosis. 

She completed her undergraduate studies B.Sc. (Speech Language Pathology) at the University of Cape Town in 2005. She proceeded to complete postgraduate studies at the University of Pretoria, namely the Advanced Diploma in Hearing Aid Acoustics (cum laude) in 2008, and later a Masters in Early Childhood Intervention in 2014.

Alicia has vast experience in working with both children and adults in the public and private sector for several years. Her passion lies within the rehabilitation health sector, however her skills benefit school-aged children, as well as serving families with children in their early development (aged zero to five). Her aim is to ensure functional development and life participation for all her clients, with family members and caregivers counted as key role players in the success of therapy.

Zayán Sirkhotte, Therapist

Since completing her undergraduate degree (B.Sc. Speech Language Pathology) at the University of Cape Town in 2010, Zayán Sirkhotte has worked in schools and hospitals in the public and private sector.

In recent years, her focus has been on the school-based client, with a passion for integrating play and play based learning into therapy. However, she has experience with both the adult and paediatric population, including those with severe to profound intellectual disabilities. She believes in a holistic family and client centered approach and her main aim is to incorporate inclusive practices which will allow optimum participation and functionality for her clients. 

Aqeelah Adams, Therapist

Aqeelah is a registered speech therapist who was drawn to the profession by a passion for ensuring all individuals have the right to optimum quality of life – which is directly impacted by the ability to effectively communicate and eat safely.

Since completing her BSc in Speech-Language Pathology in 2017 (with distinction), she has worked mostly in the public sector. Her time at district hospital and clinical level has afforded her the opportunity to gain experience in engaging with many different diagnoses, including ASD, CP and ADHD, as well as post-CVA and TBI rehabilitation.

Regardless of the diagnoses and difficulties experienced, her passion is to ensure that care is individualized to the specific needs, interests, and environments of clients.

Tyra Gideon, Therapist

Tyra Gideon graduated with a BSc in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Cape Town in 2018. She has since worked at care facilities and hospitals in both the private and public sector.

She has worked with the paediatric population, gaining valuable experience in managing severe physical and intellectual disabilities. Although Tyra enjoys working with children, her true passion lies with adults. She has recently completed a globally recognized accreditation (LSVT Global) to deliver a very specialised therapy programme for clients with Parkinson's Disease. Tyra finds working with adults highly fulfilling because of the one-on-one rapport that can be built and the reward of seeing clients progressing under her care. Her love for rehabilitation exercised on a daily basis keeps her motivated and passionate. 

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

Services We Offer

We provide speech therapy assessments and treatments in the comfort of your own home in the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town.  We aim to expand to surrounding areas in due time. Watch this space 🙂

We offer:

  • Initial screening to learn more about how we can help, if you are unsure
  • Personalised speech, language, voice, swallowing evaluations
  • Convenient, one-on-one sessions in the comfort of your home
  • Individual sessions to meet your unique needs
  • Group sessions if it is deemed beneficial
  • Patient, professional, effective speech therapy services

Early Childhood:

  • Developmental delays
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Auditory processing difficulties

School-aged Children:

  • Language delays
  • Articulation differences
  • Voice disorders
  • Fluency/Stuttering
  • Post traumatic event speech and language differences

Adult Population:

  • Voice disorders
  • Post-voice operation management
  • Stroke/Neurological conditions related speech, language, swallowing, voice changes
  • Speech and swallowing challenges post head injury, spinal cord injury or motor vehicle accident
  • Maintenance therapy in progressive disorders affecting speech, voice and swallow

Other services include:

  • Carer/family training
  • Prescription of assistive devices (AAC – communication devices)
  • Educational talks/workshops

Our purpose is to optimise functional communication, voice use and swallowing through evidence-based speech therapy practice to allow clients optimal life participation and engagement

Contact Us

For bookings or enquiries please feel free to contact us on:

081 504 8623 (CALL OR SMS ONLY).

or info@speechtherapyathome.co.za

You can also send us a message in the contact form.